Black Angus Cattle

The Black Angus is a breed of domestic cow. All breeds of domestic cattle are members of the Bovidae family. Other members of Bovidae include bison, sheep, buffalo, antelope, impala, and more.


This breed is a large hoofed mammal, with a black colored coat. It has a thick, muscular body that people harvest for meat. Males grow larger than females, with the average male, or bull, weighing about 1,800 lbs. and the average female, or cow, weighing about 1,200 lbs.
Interesting Facts About the Black Angus

This breed has a number of interesting traits and characteristics. Learn more about what makes this cow unique, below.

Polled – Unlike some cattle, this breed does not grow horns. People refer to cows (and goats) that naturally lack horns as “polled.”
Crossbreed – Because these creatures naturally lack horns, many farmers cross breed the angus with other breeds to produce calves who also lack horns.
A Degree Above – People generally prefer the meat of this breed over some other cattle. Certified Angus typically has high fat, known as marbling, in the meat, giving it a desirable flavor and texture.
High Demand – In fact, their meat quality is so superior that this breed is one of the most popular in the world. They are one of the top selling breeds in the world.


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