Ethanol 99.99%

High quality 99.99%min Absolute Ethanol/alcohol for food grade
Galvanized iron drum package, 165kg/barrel. Sealed storage.
Protect yourself and your family from all kinds of viruses and bacteria by using the purest form of Isopropyl Alcohol that is available in the market. You can use the product by putting it into a spray can or by directly using a towel to wipe clean all surfaces. This product is supplied in 1 gallon plastic bottles for easy handling. The product is specified to 99.9% purity minimum with no other contamination which ensures that it can be safely utilized as a disinfectant and sanitizing of surfaces, devices, hands, etc. or as an antiseptic. SPECIFICATION: Appearance – Clear and colourless liquid, Minimum Assay (GC) – 99.9%, Water Max. – 0.05%, Relative density – 0.790 – 0.793.



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